Saturday, 20 June 2015


This week the dogs have been so tired. I think it's because of the art show they went to, where they met a lot of interesting people. But that was exhausting even for me and I know those people and I'm a human! Dogs get tired a lot more easily. Little Dog especially as he has short legs and walks funny (it's not his fault). I came home today to find the two little babies curled up on my bed asleep. Bless!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The dogs on show!

This was the dogs' big day! I had an art show and I brought them along to help people enjoy their experience. Big Dog is very energetic as he is getting more confidant, and he was dragging people all over the place! But that's good because it meant people got to see more of the show.

The show was called 'From Archway With Love' and it was in Brick Lane but it was only on for one night, but there were lots of people there. The dogs handled it well and did not go too crazy!! I made sure they both had a water bowl so they didn't get thirsty as networking can be hard work haha! Everyone loved the dogs and lots of people just carried them instead of walking them, which isn't really the point but I don't mind. Those dogs just need a little bit of love!

The dogs even got a chance to sample the art on display, which was fun. There was a sound piece by Sophie Popper that Big Dog listened to and growled at (it was the sound of thunder and he doesn't like thunder). Big Dog also tried out Amy France's confessional karaoke machine but was a bit out of tune! Better get practicing fella!

At the end of the night I think they both really enjoyed the show. Big Dog was all dirty with muck from the floor so he got a bath as soon as we got home - Little Dog just went straight to sleep. What an exhausting day!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Big Doug with Big dog

Ah look! This is my friend Doug with Big Dog!Doug is very tall and big Dog is quite tall for a dog (in relation to Little Dog anyway!). I think they look great together but it's still MY dog Doug! You can't steal him!

Today I brought the dogs home to where I live in London. They got on very well with my friends which is promising! Little Dog was a bit scared but he'll come out of his shell soon. How exciting...!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Me and Little Dog

Haha! Here's a funny picture of me with little Dog when I got him home. I think he's trying to lick my face! what a sweetheart. In the background you can see Big Dog sitting by the mirror. They were very calm when I got them which is unusual for new dogs...

Big Dog sitting down!

Big dog when I first got him! Sorry for the bad pictures